Silverymoon, Gem of the North

The anchor of the Silver Marches and the most wealthy and important surface city of the North next to Waterdeep itself, Silverymoon is truly “the Gem of the North.”Silverymoon is that rarest of things, a bustling city dominated by trees and beautiful stone buildings. Old oaks, shadowtops, and duskwoods compete with tall, thin spires to touch the sky, and blueleaf trees shade flagstone sidewalks along most of the cobbled streets. The prevailing style of stonework is flowing curves, as if buildings grew rather than being erected block by block. Many older buildings are clad in a thin layer of fused royal blue or emerald green

Balconies and curving stairs are everywhere—and windowsills, railings, and newel-posts are all adorned with herbs and flowers growing in sculpted bowls. Most dwellings have grass paths leading to sheltered bowers. Many folk take time every day to lift their harps, pipes, or voices to make music, and things of beauty are more than prized and admired— such design is expected.

Many places preserve lore, but in Silverymoon knowledge is highly valued. Most folk find satisfaction in being well informed in at least one area of expertise. The citizens of Silverymoon, also called Silvaeren, love witty sayings, sharing jokes, lore, music and readings of ballads, poems, and romantic fiction; most attend revels or private dances and feasts thrice per tenday. They tend to dabble in many interests, so shops in the city appear and disappear with the seasons—but these small, cozy boutiques are always crammed with beautiful, fascinating objects, small magics, books (including blank tomes for writing use), and maps.

Silverymoon (metropolis): Magical; AL CG; 100,000 gp limit; Assets 185,365,000 gp;

Population 37,073; Integrated (humans 41%, elves (all types) 29%, half-elves 12%, shield
dwarves 10%, lightfoot halflings 5%, gnomes (all types) 2%, others 1%).

Authority Figures:
High Lady Alustriel, Chosen of Mystra, female human wizard (High Lady of the Silver Marches);
High Mage Taern Hornblade, male human wizard (Ruler of the City);
Jorus Azuremantle, male half-elf wizard (leader of the Spellguard);
Methrammar Aerasumé, male half-elf fighter/wizard (High Marshal of the Argent Legion);
Sernius Alathar, human male fighter/paladin (commander of the Knights in Silver);

Character creation information

Races allowed: All but dragonborn

Regional Background, choose one option from each category:

Starting equipment:
A- Long sword, saber or longbow,
B- Chain mail armor,
C- Studded leather armor and a 2nd level scroll (arcane or divine).

Regional feat:
A- Educated: choose between History, Nature, or Religion as a trained skill,
B- Fearless: grants +2 to initiative checks,
C- Soft-spoken: adds Persuasion as a trained skill.

Platoon recruiting options:
A- Silvery Legion – Lv1 light infantry (available for all classes and races):
Advantage when fortified or against ranged units. BFR50+Leadership Factor,
B- Knights in Silver – Lv1 human heavy cavalry (restricted to human fighter, paladin or cleric commanders):
Advantage on open terrain or against infantry units. BFR55+Leadership Factor,
C- Spellguard Initiates – Lv1 mixed elf and human wizard apprentices (restricted to human or elf wizard, sorcerer or bard commanders): Advantage when fortified or against monster units. BFR55+Leadership Factor.

BFR = Battle Force Rating is a value used for mass combat calculations. It is determined by leadership, experience, training, equipment and special troop factors.


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