This isolated logging town has enjoyed a reputation as a peaceful backwater in times past. In recent months evil creatures that claim ownership of the Moonwood have come to threaten the community. Quaervarr had no official symbol and didn’t see the need for one until it joined the Silver Marches confederation. At that time it decided to adopt the mark of its most notable landmark, the Whistling Stag inn. Now the Quaervarr pennant, a stag
rampant on a green field, flies proudly from the town walls.

Quaervarr (small town): Nonstandard; AL CG; 800 gp limit; Assets 38,080 gp;

Population 952; Mixed (humans 68%, half-elves 25%, shield dwarves 7%).

Authority Figures: Speaker Geth Stonar, male human Ranger 3.

In times of danger, the town turns to the local druids for guidance, chief among them Amra Clearwater, female half-elf Druid of Silvanus.

Important Characters: Sergeant of the Watch Unddreth, male Fighter (chief lawkeeper of the town);
Huntmaster Saernnus Quickleaf, male half-elf Ranger (the house guide of the Whistling Stag inn).

Quaervarr is a rustic little community hidden in the southern eaves of the Moonwood. Most of its visitors are traders, hunters, or travelers on their way to the Herald’s Holdfast. It lies some thirty miles north of Silverymoon, at the center of a network of crisscrossing logging roads and game trails. The town itself is unimpressive, a collection of wood-frame
buildings sheltered behind a high wooden palisade. There is but one gate, constructed from huge oak beams reinforced with iron bands.
Visitors find the militia stationed at the town’s only gate to be suspicious. They grill all new arrivals, demanding to know names, points of origin, and intentions before admitting
anyone. Strangers who cannot give a good account of themselves are denied entry until an authority figure can question them.
Recent raids by the Malar-worshipers of Claw Hollow have roused the town, and every guard on duty carries ten silver-headed bolts for his or her crossbow and a halfspear
with a silver head.

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