Distress Call from Newfort


Written message from a Courier,

I urge the members of the Silver Alliance for support, for there are armies on the move.
Miles to the east, nearby an old dwarf ruin close to the desert of Anauroch, a flying citatel approached, delivering shadowy fiends and sorcerers. My contact with the goblinoid tribes, Guardian Nargroth and his scouts, spotted hundreds of orc groups fleeing west towards us. And as desperate as they are, hastily built an army camp in the fields close to our settlement of Newfort.
We are now under severe aggression and do not dispose of enough personnel to withstand such an assault. They seem to be preparing an attack on us. If this was not enough… over to the horizon, a distant flying citadel was seen during sunset.
I rely on our protective agreement and immediately request troop support,
For the sake of Newfort.

Trevis Uhl, Member of the Silver Alliance

Distress Call from Newfort

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