Citadel Adbar


Citadel Adbar
This mighty redoubt is the northernmost signatory to the confederation of the Silver Marches. Despite its remote location, it is an active trading city. The citadel’s badge is the personal forge mark of its ruler, King Harbromm: an upright, single-bladed hand axe enclosed by a circle of flame, inscribed in red on a silver field. The city’s army, the legendary Iron Guard, is one of the strongest bodies of soldiers in northern Faerûn. Patrols mounted on warponies guard the surface approaches to the citadel for a day’s travel in all directions, and sometimes range even farther afield to secure the road for caravans bound to or from Citadel Adbar.

The portion of this mighty stronghold that rises above the surface of the ground is visible for miles around, due to the stinking clouds of smoke and flame that belch forth from the venting tower of its main foundry. Built atop a spur of solid rock, the granite walls and towers of the upper levels of the fortress command an impressive view of the surrounding countryside, making it difficult for enemies to approach undetected.

Huge, wicked barbs protrude from its uppermost towers as a deterrent to dragons and other flying opponents. Concentric rings of deep pits and high walls, that can be defended
one-by-one, encircle the surface works. Dozens of defensive platforms line the surface walls, from which defenders train siege engines, fire crossbows, and cast spells down upon the
heads of would-be assailants. Overlying all is the constant stink of hot metal. In short, it is clear even to the untrained eye that Citadel Adbar is ready for war, and that its residents
do not welcome visitors.

The subterranean areas of the fortress are no less well defended, and a good deal more extensive. Countless miles of passages, rooms, chambers, and mines (many of them
rigged with traps to contain or kill intruders) wind and twist their way under the solid rock into which the stronghold is built. There is ample space for many thousands of dwarves to live comfortably for extended periods of time in the underground chambers. However, they were built by dwarves for dwarves. Most other folk find the underground portions of the city uncomfortable, not to mention cramped, and elves find them positively depressing.

Citadel Adbar (large city): Conventional; AL LG; 40,000 gp limit; Assets 39,924,000 gp;

Population 19,962; Mixed(shield dwarves 84%, gold dwarves 6%, humans 5%, urdunnir
dwarves 3%, deep gnomes 1%, earth genasi 1%).

Authority Figure: King Harbromm, male dwarf fighter.

Important Characters:
Rorann Stonehammer, male shield dwarf of Moradin (leader of the Hammers of Moradin, and high priest of the Hall of Moradin’s Hammer);
Throm Forkbeard, male shield dwarf Fighter/Cleric of Gorm Gulthyn (commander of the
King’s Guards);
Captain Druggath Shieldcleaver, male shield dwarf fighter (commander of the Iron Guard);
Helva Darkwatcher, female dwarf rogue/ranger (leader of the Deepscouts);
Dama Blademaker, female gold dwarf wizard (creator of many magic weapons and most talented weaponsmith of the hold).

Character creation information

Races allowed: Only dwarves

Regional Background, choose one option from each category:

Starting equipment:
A- Warhammer and Breastplate,
B- Heavy Mace and Chain Mail,
C- Heavy crossbow

Regional feat:
A- Disciplined: grants advantage on concentration checks,
B- Dwarven build: proficient with Wisdom saving throws,
C- Siege Training: proficient with siege weapons and able to recruit siege troops

Platoon recruiting options:
A- Iron Guard, Lv1 dwarf heavy pony cavalry (available for all dwarven classes):
Advantage in open terrain or against infantry units. BFR57+Leadership Factor,
B- Deep Scouts, Lv1 dwarf scouts (restricted to dwarf rogue, bard or ranger commanders):
Advantage against infantry or flying units, also when in harsh/underground terrain, surprise strike only in shadow, night or underground.. BFR56+Leadership Factor,
C- Siege Train, Lv1 dwarf light infantry proficient with battering rams and catapults (restricted to dwarf commanders):
Advantage against fortified units, chance to breach fortification, disadvantage against charging infantry and cavalry. BFR56+Leadership Factor.

BFR = Battle Force Rating is a value used for mass combat calculations. It is determined by leadership, experience, training, equipment and special troop factors.

Citadel Adbar

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